Kris Roche クリス・ローシェ

シンガーソングライター。NY出身の父と東京出身の母の元、京都で生まれ育つ。高校卒業後、19歳で渡米しボストンのバークリー音楽大学へ入学。在学中に始めたストリートライブが評判を呼び、わずか3年でNYの名門クラブBitter EndやThe Living Room、カーネギーホールでライブするまでに至った。


これまで自主制作でシングルを一枚とEPを二枚リリースし、2013年には自身初となるフルアルバム『Be Love』を発売。2016年9月には音楽番組『SONGS』(NHK総合)に、宇多田ヒカルのギターサポートとして出演した。このほかにも、Summer SonicやGreen Room、朝霧ジャム、New Acoustic Camp、TEDxKyotoなどのイベントにも参加している。



Kris was born in Kyoto, Japan to an American Father and Japanese Mother. His fascination with music was apparent from an early age and at 19 years old he moved to Boston MA, to study music formally. Coupled with with his education, Kris performed across Boston and New York, hitting legendary venues such as the Bitter End and the Living room in Manhattan as well as Carnegie Hall. He also became a staple in the Boston Public Gardens as passionate street performer.

After independently releasing two EPs (Anything But Alone and Tails of Bufflebear) Kris took his knowledge and experience back to his motherland and successfully delivered his single Your Own Two Feet and first full length album Be Love.  

In a time where technology can bridge the gap between countries, culture, and art, Kris is hoping to provide a borderless musical experience for open minds, open hearts, and most importantly, open ears.